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I decided to join in with tumblr’s latest craze


if misha is actually on tumblr i bet his blog is 5% misha collins and 95% destiel and nothing else


people liking ur post

people liking and reblogging your post

people liking and reblogging your post and following you


I made one of those things.


There’s something extremely unsettling about how Sam lived a normal life while Dean was in Purgatory. Because this assures us that Sam can live without Dean. But we all know there’s absolutely no way Dean could ever survive without Sam.


only in Supernatural you can see the King of Hell making the sign of the cross.


Supernatural + Text Posts (Part 3):

Inspired by whoever started this trend.

i’m sorry i’m addicted


No matter how hard you try, no post on tumblr is safe from the supernatural fandom. And that’s beautiful.


supernatural pilot more like

  • season 1: idk where dad is let’s fight monsters as we try to find him (my girlfriend is dead)
  • season 2: what’s going on with samm- oH SHIT (dean’s codependency leads to irrational decisions)
  • season 3: yolo wait nvm (why it’s a bad idea to sell your soul) (also i don’t trust ruby)
  • season 4: “my brother came back from the dead and is now dating a gay angel” (sam drinks demon blood: an intervention)
  • season 5: ”angels want to get inside us and destroy the human race” (the end of adam)
  • season 6: ”sam why are you working with our resurrected grandpa to give crowley very powerful monsters” (hint: it’s because he lost his soul)
  • season 7: dick plans to enslave the human race and eat them with his monster buddies (but canada’s safe i guess) (also bOBB Y NO)
  • season 8: we must protect kevin tran from advanced placement, we’re gonna seal up hell, also cas no nO NO WHY (it’s rainin men)
  • season 9: "im not gonna tell my brother he’s possessed by an angel because if i do he’ll force him out and die (i sure hope he doesn’t notice anything)" a novel by dean


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  • Sam: Hey Dean, are you okay?
  • Dean: I'm fine.
  • Cas: Dean are you okay?
  • Dean: Yeah, I'm fine, really.
  • Dean: Are you okay Cas?
  • Cas: I'm good.
  • Sam: Hey Cas, how are you doing?
  • Cas: I'm okay Sam.
  • Dean: Hey Sam...
  • Sam:
  • Dean: Let me know when you get a word from Cas.
  • Cas: Hey Sam...
  • Sam:
  • Cas: Look out for Dean.
  • *No One Gives A Shit About Sam Winchester - a thrilling tale. tune in on tuesdays for more.*


Supernatural + Text Posts (Part 4)

inspired by whoever started this..

i’m sorry